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Common Projects SS16

I know most of you already know I love the sneakers from Common Projects. It´s all I wear and especially the white classic achilles low. So this Spring/Summer collection they went on and made the classic achilles in all colours thinkable. I´ll give you a overview over the ones I like the most. The Yellow one is a nice addition of colour to an outfit to give it a bit more pop. Keeping the whole rest of the outfit clean and simple makes these a bit more subtle as a whole. Navy trousers and a navy sweater would do the trick, and offcourse a white tee tucked in when the weather turn for the better.

The Grey and Navy version would be my next pick after getting the classic white and black. I mostly wear Navy, Grey and Black so these would go with almost anything i own. Wearing all navy, grey and black as a whole outfit works well for me, so these will do the trick!

Back at the navy outfits, these Blue ones will be a great addition to bring the navy outfits worn in winter times more over to a spring vibe. And the Offwhite versions would do the trick as the white will do, so a safe pick if you allready own the classic whites.

Last but not least, the classic White achilles low by Common Projects! If you don't allready own these, I would highly recommend them. I wear these all the time (maby to much, haha) And I get a new pair every spring. Perfect for a more casual look when wearing a suit and goes with absolutely anything. Buy your Common Projects HERE

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