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Todays Outfit


It´s saturday and I got the weekend off. So this is pretty much a go to outfit for me and a nice casual look for everyday wear. The denim shirt from Acne Studios (Buy Acne Studios) is one of my favorite shirts and I especially like it together with some slimfit black jeans or a navy chinos. If you want to get a more casual but dressed look, put this denim shirt together with a pleated dresspant in navy. And offcourse the white Common Projects (Buy Common Projects) goes very well with this outfit to give it a more clean scandinavian effortless look.

- Sneakers by Common Projects (Buy Here) or (Here)

- Shirt by Acne Studios (Buy Here) -T-shirt by Our Legacy (Buy Here) or (Here) - Scarf by Holzweiler (Buy Here)

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