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How I edit my photos to Instagram


I´ll give you a step by step guide on how I edit my photos to my Instagram! First of all I´ll try to arrange the products around untill I´m happy with the layout. When done I´ll get to the photos. I usually take around 15 photos and pick out the best ones which I´ll edit and pick the best one out of those. ​

​ So finding the best angles often requires a chair, haha.



I start by opening the photos in the VSCOcam app. I always use the filter "C6" and put the filter setting to around +5.

Next up, I open the photos to the AfterLight app and start doing the adjustments as for Brightness (usually 25) and Highlights (around 25).

Then I do some adjustments to Contrast and Saturation. Contrast is usually around 10-12 and Saturation from 0-5 depending on the lightning conditions. Doing to much Saturation when the lightning is bad just makes my photos look bad.

The last thing I do is adjusting the colour temperature, so I use the Mid Tone and Temperature to do my changes. Mid Tone I usually adjust to 5, and Temperature to 5-10 depending on the light. I like my photos to have a warmer feel to it.


And now my photos are ready to uppload to my Instagram. Here I´ll show you a before and after photo. The first is the "raw" file which is from my camera and the second (on the right) is the finished photo. To take my photos I use my iPhone5s or my Sony A7 camera, and this camera can send the photos wireless over to my iPhone which makes it easy to take good photos while out on the run or on travels. Have a nice sunday everyone :)

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