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Last week Instagram photos


This photo was taken in London, Shoreditch the last trip we had there in December/January where we celebrated NYE and had a great time as usual in one of my favorite cities. An outfit that I feel represents my style very well, white sneakers by Common Projects, black trousers by Oscar Jacobson, coat by Mackintosh, tote bag by Mismo and scarf from Holzweiler.


This jacket have already become a favorite! Norse Projects is always a brand I find lots of nice basics from and have been a favorite for a long time. Sweatshirt by Maison Kitsune, trousers by Oscar Jacobson and as always, haha. Sneakers by Common Projects.


As most of you know I got another Instagram account called "On my eames" which is a combination of my interests for furniture/interior design and clothing. It´s funny to see how many known brands and stores around the world have used this idea to present their offering with putting different products on the eames chair. Sneakers by Common Projects and jacket from Norse Projects.


This is another of my favorite jacket for this season. It´s by a brand called Armoire Officielle who got lots of great basics with a contentemporary scandinavian aesthetic. Sneakers by Zespa, made in France from really nice leather and they look so good!


This is a setup who shows my daily rutines with the incorporation of my clothing together with coffee, magazines in my living room with my favorite furniture. Sneakers by Acne Studios and Sweatshirt by Acne Studios.


An all black outfit together with some white sneakers, who would have thought ;) There have been some sunny days lately and starting to feel the spring is close. Sweatshirt by Drole de Monsieur, sneakers by Zespa, sunglasses by Frank Walton.


These watches by Larsson & Jennings are just perfect, nothing fancy, just clean and simple! Sweater by Holzweiler, trousers by Incotex and sneakers by Zespa.


Another one with the "On my eames" setting. This is from our bedroom and there is such a nice natural lightning in this room. Both sweaters from Acne Studios.


This is by far the most liked photo I´ve posted so far. So the combination of my favorite things, white sneakers and my favorite brands Common Projects and Acne Studios was something that really hit the roof. But I guess the simple layout and calm colors of this photo is what worked. But I never can put my hands on what works and what doesn´t. Thats the fun thing about Instagram. So what type of photos do you like the most? What kind of photos do you want to see more of at my Instagram? Give me a comment in the field below :)

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