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Closeups of our living room


Some closeups from the living room and kitchen area. It´s been a while since I last bought something new for the house. Mostly new ceramics and small objects, but now trying to save up for a new Vitsoe system for the kitchen (to replace the Hay shelf) and also get a new media shelf from either Vitsoe or USM Haller. I like the one we have right now, a homemade one with eames ltr legs, but It´s hard to keep it organized as of all the wires. Also need to get more plants for our home in time for spring, I´ve been eyeing the ceramic planters from modernica for a long time and hope to get one. It´s hard to get it shipped to Norway for a reasonable prize. Will get more outfit related posts as soon as the weather turns for the better, been a lot of rainy days lately. I´m off to Stockholm on Tuesday morning for a Oscar Jacobson presentation, so need to get started with packing. Have a great sunday everyone and if you have any questions just ask :)

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