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Stockholm trip part 1


Nobis Hotel. Amazing lounge area and overall tasteful :)


Nitty Gritty store and some closeups from my favorite part, the grooming section.


Pictures from the Our Legacy store. And me trying on the pink sweatshirt.


I went to Stockholm for two days (5th - 6th of April) to meet up with the people from Oscar Jacobson to see their FW16 presentation. My flight was at 06:15 in the morning so had to get up at 04:00. So I was really tired, but got some sleep and was ready to check out the lovely city of Stockholm. Got to the Nobis Hotel at 10.00 and was blown away how nice the hotel was. It´s located next to the Acne Studios store and a perfect location in the midle of the city centrum. So before the dinner later this evening I got a lot of time to check out the city. I met up with my friends Dag and Saman from the brand Saman Amel for a lunch at Nybrogatan 38. This place was amazing, such a cozy atmosphere and the food was on point. After lunch we headed back to their Atelier to have a chat and check out their products (More about this in part 2). Had the best time with these guys and you should check out their brand Saman Amel Next up, I had a few stores I´ve been wanting to check out for a long time. Nitty Gritty have been one of my favorite stores as for the offering online and the layout of the store itself. Perfect roomy space with small ceramics mixed along with the products and a really nice grooming section. I did not have to much money for this trip, so ended up with the Comme des Garcons Wonderwood perfume which is one of my favorite. Buy Here! Next door to Nitty Gritty is the Our Legacy shop, they recently renovated their store and as you can see by the pictures, it looked so good! Our Legacy got so much nice stuff each season and it was great to finally see the whole collection in person. Not all their fabrics are that easy to see in photos online, so let´s say if I had more money I would have got more stuff. So I ended up buying the pale pink sweatshirt :) Great seasonal color, and I guess my girlfriend will try to steal this from me, haha. After some shopping and walking around Stockholm I headed back to the hotel to grab a beer and get ready for the dinner later on that evening. Meeting up with the guys from Oscar Jacobson was so fun, and the dinner was amazing awell. Lots of nice stories where shared and an overall good vibe through the whole evening :) More in part 2. Have a nice evening everyone :)

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