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Stockholm trip part 2 (Atelier SAMAN AMEL)


As mentioned in last post, I met up with Dag and Saman of SAMAN AMEL. We headed back to their Atelier after a great lunch and I got to do my own trousers. So Saman and Dag showed me some different fabrics to chose from, and I ended up with a mid grey fabric in a birdseye weave for a more textured feel. They do measurements without a sample garment, which generates a higher stage of personal alteration and a more complex measurement process. The SAMAN AMEL su misura service is something in-between regular made-to-measure and bespoke tailoring. The final product is a result of carefully taken measurements with great attention to each persons bodily proportions as well as a fluent dialogue between the customer and the atelier team. I can´t wait to get back to Stockholm for the second fitting and get my trousers which should be perfect for the summer months. The Atelier is such a nice and cozy place, filled with light as the sun shines trough the windows and hits the large mirrors inside. After Saman was finished with all the measurements we had a chat over some coffee and as time flies in good company it was time for me to go check out what Stockholm had to offer this sunny day :) Check out their website for more about ATELIER SAMAN AMEL here! It was great to meet up with my friends Dag and Saman again! These guys are so good at what they and won´t settle for less. A big inspiration to me!

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