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Basics on a budget

I´ve gotten a lot of people asking if there is a budget version to the products I wear. I understand that paying 340$ for a pair of white sneaker is a lot of money. The same goes for the pricing of a pair of chinos, oxford shirt etc from high end brands! Before showing the budget versions to some of the basic products, I have to say that I still like to buy quality over quantity and the products offered in my ESSENTIALS shop section are products of high quality from the best specialist brands and will last longer. So paying a bit more for things that will last is still my personal opinion on how to buy an essential wardrobe. Now over to what I got! I wen´t by H&M the other day and had a look at the Modern Essentials by David Beckham. I really liked the look they´ve put together for this drop. I´m always curious and like to check out what different brands do, and to check out the quality from their offering. So I found this denim jacket witch reminded me of an earlier seasonal style Norse Projects did, it had a great relaxed fit with no fuss. So I looked trough some more stuff, and came over some textured pants as well. These came with an elastic waist and drawstrings, witch reminded me of the relaxed pants Our Legacy do. I tried them on, and the fit was perfect! Enough room on the thighs and a slim taper to the legs. The oxford shirt is from ASKET, and is made from Egyptian cotton with mother of pearl buttons. So at a price of 70€ it´s still a great price, considering a shirt in this quality would be at least 150€ from other high end brands. The fit is spot on, as they offer 3 length of each size. As always, I wear my favorite sneakers by Common Projects. I can´t really say there is a budget version to these as the quality is so good, and if you take care of them they will last for many years. But I do think the Adidas Stan Smith would be a great budget version to a clean white sneaker! These are a model I wear myself and got a new pair for this season. A great alternativ when you don´t want to mess up the Commons in bad weather or when out in a nightclub (people tend to step on your shoes or spill drinks, haha). I won´t get in to all the accessories, but check out the images under for the whole outfit. At the bottom I´ve listed the items from H&M, ASKET and the Stan Smith´s with links where to get them.



Click the images to buy these budget items or check out my ESSENTIALS shop for my personal picks to build a wardrobe. Jacket by H&M (Price: about 40€) BUY HERE Pants by H&M (Price: about 30€) BUY HERE Sneakers by Adidas (Price: 89$) BUY HERE Shirt by ASKET (Price: 70€) BUY HERE


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