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How to clean your sneakers!


In this picture I have my newest pair of Common Projects on top and the older on the bottom. I will start cleaning the older pair for you to see the end result, step by step!


You will need the Jason Markk cleaning kit, a bowl of water, a new pair of white laces and white shoe cream!


Step 1: Start by adding some drops of the Jason Markk formula to the brush and dip it into the bowl of water.


Step 2: Tap the brush on a cloth to let excess water come off.


Step 3: Take of the old shoe laces.


Step 4: Start washing your shoe by scrubbing over the sole and other dirty areas.


Here you see how clean the left tongue have become compared to the one on the left.


The result of a clean shoe (under) and the still uncleaned one on top.


Both tongues is now as good as new (still some scuff marks, I´ll show you how to get this white now!)


Step 5: After cleaning up the shoe with Jason Markk you might have gotten some scuffs on the shoe. This can be fixed, so no worries.


More scuff marks!!


Step 5: So this is what I use to cover the scuff marks. It´s a white shoe cream (bought at my local shoe store). Tap you finger into this cream and start rubbing it over the scuff marks on your shoe.


As seen here, the marks are gone :D


This scuff mark is also pretty much gone. You can add a new layer 2-3 times after letting it dry for 30 mins after each layer.


Step 6: Now get your clean pair laced up with new white laces. This makes the pair look like new!


Step 7: Your done! It feels like you´ve gotten a new pair again and the leather is also much softer after it have been used for a while. So taking care of your sneakers is worth the 20 minutes it takes (and its fun to see the end result).


On the left picture (bottom pair) you can see how they were before cleaning. And on the picture on the right you see the end result! So this is how I keep my loved Common Projects nice and clean and they will last you many years. You can also buy a new pair of crisp white Common Projects, this is to use the older one for when you go out and don´t want to be afraid of people stepping on these and keep the new pair for those sunny days and to keep them crisp for a longer time. Use both pair for which ever occasion suits them best. Buy your white Common Projects achilles low HERE or HERE Buy the Jason Markk cleaning kit HERE

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