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The hand steamer

The hand steamer by The Steamery. This have been my absolute travel essential. The hand steamer is perfect when on travels, it´s small enough to put in your carry on case and for longer travels it´s definitely no problem to fit this in the suitcase. I use this on a daily basis for all my shirts, as they come out to wrinkly from the washing machine and it´s much easier and faster than ironing them. It came in really handy on my last trip to Spain last week, and my girlfriend stole this all the time for her dresses. I´m going to Helsinki, Finland on monday and not all hotels got irons, so this will be my best friend when packing out and the shirts not being slick enough. Get this hand steamer by The Steamery HERE or check the other steamers HERE (Use voucher code "fredrikrisvik" and get 10% off!!)

Wrinkly shirt ready to get steamed to perfection!


This is how they look when just finished air drying after the washing machine!


Let´s get to it. I usually steam the placket first and continue on with the body.


Second step is to steam from the inside, as this gives you the ability to push the steamer against the shirts and give it some pressure.


Almost done, and the result is totally different!


Finished result and now I have to run off to work, haha. Making a post before work can be stressful some times and I hope you like this steamer as much as I do. It´s lightweight and so much better than the ones from i.e phillips which I had my eyes on before getting this one! Get the steamer HERE Remember to use the voucher code "fredrikrisvik" to get 10% OFF!

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