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Match Made in HEL with Finnair

I had the pleasure of going to Helsinki with Finnair for the Match Made In HEL Runway show. So I left Stavanger on the earliest flight at 06:10 with a stop in Oslo before my flight with Finnair to Helsinki. It was so nice to get there as early as I did to get the most out of the day. The sun was shining with a temperature of 26 degrees celsius :) Before the dinner later this evening I had a lot of time to explore Helsinki. I met up with the girls from Oslo to grab a beer in the sun and then we went to eat a nice lunch at Sandro. I´ll do a new twist on this post with videos of the stuff I did during the days (My snapchat story). So day one in Helsinki:

The dinner at Savoy was incredible! The restaurant is situated on the top floor with an amazing view over the city. We started of the evening with a drink at the rooftop terrace with clear blue skyes before heading into the dining room. Finnair had rented the whole space which was designed by Alvar Aalto. A great way to end the day!

View from the rooftop terrace at Savoy.

DAY 2. I woke up and headed down for some much needed breakfast. As the day before the weather gods where with us this whole stay, so I went out for a walk and visited some shops. The best one I went to must be the "Beam" shop which got a lot of my favorite brands as Our Legacy, Ami, Acne Studios, Common Projects, the list goes on. But with no extra money, I left empty handed. Trying to get into the city vibe, one thing I really like is to sit down with a coffee and people watch. I love Helsinki and I´d put it up with Berlin and Copenhagen. Would definitely go back here. Next thing for the day was a visit to the Marimekko factory. We got the grand tour of their factory, where they print most of their "home" fabrics, and it was so fun to see all the steps of the printing process. After the tour we had a fantastic lunch while they presented the FW16 collection (Watch the video). I had the best time at the Marimekko factory and it was now time to head back to the hotel and get ready for the Runway show Match Made in HEL with Finnair.

Out for a coffee in Helsinki.

At the Marimekko factory. Watch the video under for more :)

We arrived at the airport and had some drinks and socialized before the busses drove us out on the runway for the show we all had been waiting for. It was amazing to see the setup Finnair made. Stages on each side, creating a long runway with a airplane in the background. The sun was at the perfect hight creating the perfect light. The first show started and the models came out of the airplane and down the stairs continuing on the runway and it was the best possible way the could present this. A fantastic show! This day was all in all a perfect day with everything on lock. Finnair have done such a great job to make all this happen and we where now off to the afterparty.

Here at the runway after the Match Made in HEL event.

This was their setup for the Match Made in HEL Runway show. So sick!!

DAY 3. This was the last day in Helsinki and we had a lunch with Finnair at "The Cock". The food was amazing and I got myself a cookbook to try to get better at the kitchen myself, haha. Maybe I´ll roll up my sleves this weekend and cook something together :) Thanks a lot to Finnair for an unforgettable trip.

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