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Summer Wardrobe Picks - Shorts

I´ll go trough my personal picks for the Summer Wardrobe. Starting of with shorts. There are so many different styles and fabric alternatives, so finding the staples that will get you trough the warmer months can be hard. Click the images to get directed to the shop and product information! Starting of with the The Linen-Cotton blend Shorts: Linen-Cotton blend shorts gives a more textured look to the ever classic cotton shorts. Incotex is my favorite brand for pants in general and makes high quality products that in my opinion is worth the buck. My go to colors for shorts are Navy, Beige, Green and Black. These colors are toned down and easy to use with everything, I´ve never liked to much color in my wardrobe.

The Linen Shorts: Linen shorts gives a more laid back look and is the way to when strolling around on those really hot days, as linen performs well under these conditions. Linen is a perfect way to get a more casual look when pairing it together with a light poplin shirt, a long sleeve polo, or simple just a t-shirt.

The Cotton Shorts: The classic cotton shorts in those same fabrics as your chinos are probably the most common and most used out of the alternatives. I use these most of the time as they are so plain and works so well with everything. There are so many colors to choose from, so pick the few ones you´ll actually use. Again, Navy, Beige, Black and maybe a green! These shorts often comes with a stretch quality, which makes them even more comfy. Shorts in general should be comfortable and laid back, so finding the ones in nice fabrics is worth the investment. These won´t get as much use as you average chino pants, so it will last you a long time.

The Cotton Jersey/Sweat Shorts: This must be the most comfortable alternative out of the styles presented! A more sporty look and combining them with sneakers this will be your favorite Sunday outfit. Combine it with a neutral t-shirt or sweatshirt depending on the weather and go get that much needed cup of coffee. Greymelange shorts, white Common Projects and a navy sweatshirt along with a offwhite tote bag and some sunglasses is my personal favorite. This is for sure a style needed in your wardrobe when not in the situation of dressing up. Let´s not forget that this is great when hitting the gym, if thats your thing!

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