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Summer picks at OPUMO

I just came back from Milan and haven´t had too much time to update the website. I´ll try my best to get more stuff up during the days ;) So I did a summer selection for my friends over at OPUMO as the warmer days is here, even in Norway, haha. Check out the full article HERE. I got my girlfriend to shoot the images as I don´t have any photographer friends around to help. I think she did a good job both with the photos and handling with me trying to explain how I want them to be. I´m off to Paris tomorrow (Friday) and will be there until Monday. I can´t wait to get back there and hopefully I´ll get some updates/photos up on the site while I´m there. Check out the images under and links on where to get the items, some are on sale ;).

These sunglasses by Garret Leight is the best sunglasses I´ve ever had, and I´ve been using them every day for the last weeks. Get them HERE On Sale!!!


- A nice lightweight slim-fit shirt from Wood Wood. Get it HERE On sale!!!


Diemme is my favorite shoe brand along with Common Projects and they make the most comfortable sneakers. These slip-ons from Diemme is perfect for the summer months and the white versions is just to clean. Get the Diemme Garda slip-ons HERE On Sale!!


These relaxed shorts by Oliver Spencer is so good. A textured weave to the fabric makes them so soft and still look the part. Get them HERE On sale!!!

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