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Updated Seasonal and Essentials shop

I´ve been way to busy lately, trying to find the best solution to update my website as often as I would like. It´s a struggle having full-time job and doing both this website and Instagram on the side as well as getting time of to relax every now and then ;) By the first of September I´ve decided to cut down on my current full-time job to get more time doing this website and Instagram, so hang in there! There will be much more posts coming up. I just started updating the Seasonal shop with my favorites from the FW16 collections. Including knitwear, shoes, headwear, pants and everything that will make you comfy trough the colder months :) I would appreciate any tips on what posts you would like to see, so just hit me up in the comment field under or email me (fredrik.risvik@gmail,com). Check out the Seasonal and Essentials shop during the weekend for a fully update! Here are some of my favorites. - Common Projects is doing a really nice version to their Original Achilles this season. It´s a 'gummy' version of their signature Achilles Low silhouette. The sneaker's upper is created from a leather that has been rubberised with a soft matte finish, meaning the shoes upper blends seamlessly into the rubber midsole! Seen here in white and also in offwhite in the Seasonal shop. The Chelsea boot is just so good and will be a great addition to my fall wardrobe. Acne Studios brings back the Charles coat (A personal favorite) in a Wool/Cashmere blend with a nice oversized look. Click Images to shop

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