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Shooting with Hypebeast and Samsung

About two weeks ago I had the Hypebeast and Samsung team over to shoot a video for their new Serif TV. They arrived the day before the shoot, so I took them out to get a dinner and some drinks while showing them my hometown of Stavanger, Norway. It was so great to meet the team as I´ve been a big fan for so many years. We had such a great time and It made me less nervous about the shoot the next day. I was so afraid of not expressing myself well enough in English, since it´s my second language.

The day of the shoot we met up at 08:00 to start curating my home and to find out where we should shoot. Since the Serif TV is so easy to move around and it looks just as good from behind we ended up putting it in the middle of the living room. It was really nice to have a TV you could just put on the shelving after watching, as It doesn´t draw to much attention and rather just blends in. It made my living room more cozy and less of a TV/media room vibe. I can´t wait to get my own Serif TV as the one in the video was just for the shoot. I chose the big version in white and it´s the best looking Tv I´ve seen!

Thanks a lot to everyone at Hypebeast and Samsung for such a fun day and check out the full video under :)

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