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A day in Copenhagen

I got invited to join the Bread & Butter fair hosted by Zalando this weekend. Going back to Berlin is always a good thing, so we got up at 03:00 am Friday morning to get to the airport. Our flight from Stavanger left at 06:00 and our connecting flight to Berlin from Copenhagen was at 11:30, so we thought! Our flight got cancelled just as we were on our way to the gate. After some phone calls and standing in line we got a new flight at 19:45! As the city centrum is just a 15min train ride from the airport, we forgot about the cancelled flight and decided to spend the day in Copenhagen :) Being able to have both Berlin and Copenhagen in one weekend trip was amazing. The kind people of Zalando got a ticket for my girlfriend to come along to Berlin as well, so Copenhagen for 7 hours before the next flight was so fun. We started of by meeting up with a friend of ours. Kjetil is the man behind the brand Armoire Officielle and we got the grand tour at the their new shop. Always nice to meet this guy and we got some new products from the FW16 collection. Next stop coffee! Atelier September is one of our favorite spots, and the sun was shining trough the window where we sat watching people ride pass on their bikes. Next up we met another friend of ours, Thomas. As the sun was out, we decided to check out the roof terrace at Illum and grab a beer. The view from this place is so good and felt like it was summer all again. After visiting some shops and just strolling around we ended up with some burgers at this cool gas station turned into a burger joint, Gasoline Grill. It was time to get back to the airport after a long and nice day in Copenhagen and get ready for Berlin.

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