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Bread and Butter with Zalando

I got invited to join the first Bread and Butter by Zalando. Bread & Butter is located in Berlin, so I was really excited to get back to this lovely city and to meet the people from Zalando who were kind enough to send my girlfriend with me as well.

We got up at 03:00 am Friday morning to get to the airport. Our flight from Stavanger left at 06:00 and our next flight to Berlin from Copenhagen was at 11:30, so we thought! Our flight got cancelled just as we were on our way to the gate. After some phone calls and standing in line we got a new flight at 19:45. As the city is just a 15min train ride from the airport, we forgot about the cancelled flight and decided to spend the day in Copenhagen :)

Ending up doing both Copenhagen and Berlin in one trip was amazing! We had such a great time in Copenhagen (Read more about that here) and got to eat, drink and meet up with some friends before heading back to the airport to catch our flight.

When arriving at the NHOW hotel that evening we were so tired and called it a night after a drink outside the hotel which is located just by the river. Zalando did everything for us to have a pleasant stay, so checking in to our room we were surprised by lots of gifts laying on the bed for Sarah an I.

Saturday morning started of with breakfast at the hotel were we would be picked up at 12:45 to get over to Bread and Butter. Still enough time for us to hit up Berlin city to stop by some stores and enjoy some coffee at this amazing place Bonanza.

When arriving at Bread and Butter we got drink and food vouchers and went exploring the fair. The Adidas stand was really cool, they did their woven prime knit and 3D printed details on stand and you could actually see up close how some steps of their manufacturing works.

The energy there was amazing, the sun was shining with temperatures around 30 degrees. They had a swimming pool and a beach area outside and the food was on point. The best part was the boat for invited only, they served free drinks so guess where we spent most of our time ;)

We had front row seating at the Selected show later that day. I haven´t seen too much from their brand, but liked the looks shown at the runway. After the show we got some great burgers and ended back at the boat before the Hugo boss show later on. This was the last show before getting back at the hotel for a quick shower and out for the Zalando dinner at the lovely Soho House.

Dinner at Soho House was perfect and the evening was full of laughter and smiles from everyone. Thanks again to Zalando for the best time in Berlin. Sunday was our last day in Berlin and we decided to go explore the city and find some nice spots for coffee and food. The Barn was the place to go for coffee, and being a sucker for the sweets they got, I ended up with a matcha carrot cake ;) For food that day, Sarah had listed out this burger place we just had to check out. Shiso burger lived up to all the expectations, I would go as far as saying it was top 3 burgers of all time. It was time for us to get back to the hotel and say goodbye to Berlin. See you soon Berlin and Zalando made it the best stay ever.

Check ou the selection at Zalando

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