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Packing for Barcelona

This is not something I´m particular good at, but I found my own way to do this.

I usually pack to much but like to have the option to choose from some different pieces day to day. Starting by picking all the stuff I would like to bring a long and then eliminating the stuff i don´t feel are necessary have worked out for me. On a 7 day trip I packed: - 14 t-shirt (2 for each day) - 7 shirts (1 for each day) - 4 shorts - 4 trousers - 4 pairs of shoes - Training gear for morning work outs And off course my swim shorts ;) Picking basic white, grey and black t-shirt which go great along with navy and black shorts and trousers. When traveling I like to have the "at home feeling". So packing my facial wash, cleanser etc is important to me. The products offered at hotels are usually not good for your skin or hair. So travel size products are essential, I got my shampoo, body wash and fase wash in these smaller editions to save space. And having the option to keep my morning and evening rutines with my favorite products from Aesop and Oribe makes me feel fresher on busy days. Find some of my favorite items from Aesop and travel essentials under:

More updates from our Barcelona trip coming up.

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