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Barcelona part 2

I need to get a better system for how I edit my photos! I´ve now transferred 376 photos from my camera over to my phone, and then edited them all ON MY PHONE, haha. That takes some serious time. Well I finally got them over to my computer to show you the last days of our Barcelona trip. All in all this was such a nice holiday. We started the days of with a nice breakfast at the hotel and then spent some hours by the pool with a nice book and some beers/drinks. A good way to save up some energy before doing the marathon in walking. Since I´ve been to Barcelona 16 times I know my way around and got some go to spots as well as finding new one each time. This time arounds relaxing and eating was in focus! I won't write to much in detail on everything we did, but we ate a lot of nice food, drank great coffee and visited some lovely places around our favorite city. Be patient cause there is A LOT of photos under ;) It´s an easier way to show what we did during these days instead of me explaining it all in words. I´ll put together a guide to Barcelona including shops, bars, cafes and restaurants. Have a nice weekend :)

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