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Aesop Hegdehaugsveien

Last time in Oslo I stopped by the new Aesop store in Hegdehaugsveien, designed by Snøhetta. My girl and I met up with Cole to sit down over a glass of vine and have a chat, off course the vine is by Aesop as well ;) The new store is so lovely, it´s not that big, but this is where the smart design elements and well thought trough solutions makes the difference. The store is located in a building from the 40´s and in true Aesop style they made the store suit it´s location with a modernized twist. The use of oak and 3d panels making this store feel warm an cosy. It´s always a must to stop by the Aesop stores when out traveling in different cities and stock up on the essentials to stay fresh.

Here are my favorites and the ones I use each morning and night. Especially now as the weather is turning for the colder and the skin is even more sensitive, it´s important to take propper care. Click images for links to buy:

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