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Scarves and Coats for Fall

I love a good scarf! Not only as a necessary layer during these colder days but also as something to fulfill my outfit. Finding and investing in a good coat or two for Fall is key. Preferable in grey, navy, black or a camel version. These investments should be in a clean and neutral version that goes along with your wardrobe. This is where the scarf comes in. After finding one or two basic colors, I´d go for another two scarves in a patterned option or a brighter color. Especially when living in Norway I use mine daily. It´s also a perfect option when out traveling and the aircondition gets you on the airplane. Use it as a blanket or pillow, this is only if your girl declined and you asked if she needed it first ;)

Scarf: Acne Studios / Coat: Oak and Fort / Sneakers: Acne Studios / Trousers: Incotex / Sweater: Aimé Leon Dore COATS Acne Studios


COATS Mackintosh

SCARVES Acne Studios


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