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IF x WEEKDAY part 2

When I got to Stockholm and found out I was staying at the amazing Haymarket hotel for the IF x WEEKDAY event I was so happy. The hotel looks so good that you just wan´t to stay in all day. But Stockholm have a lot to offer and this day was sunny and just the perfect temperature for strolling around. Seeing the colors of the leaves this time a year makes for such a nice scenery along the old buildings. By now I can imagine you know I love Stockholm ;) I met up with some friends before attending the event later this evening. So got to see a couple of stores and relax before going to Gröna Lund for the presentation of the IF x WEEKDAY collection. We got picked up at the hotel and got in to this amusement park where they in true style served popcorn, hotdogs and drinks. After meeting up with some people and having lots of fun we got in to group to see the collection presented in the horror house. Everyone was screaming as we went trough the tight hallways with a mix of monsters and people wearing the pieces from the collection. I think this was a really cool way of showing these reflective products as the darkness combined with flashing lights makes these pieces glow up and show the great effect they have ;) Afterwards we went for dinner and drinks and ended the night a bit to late, but all in all a great evening and a safe one cause of the reflective hat ;) Words by Weekday: "During a season full of long and dark nights we encourage you to consider the importance of staying safe in the dark. For autumn/winter 2016 we have collaborated with Nordic insurance company If, to create an exclusive collection of reflective accessories – that aims to illustrate that safety can be functional and work with your style." They created an exclusive collection that aims to inspire and promote safety wear as something that is both attractive and functional. This collection will include six potentially life saving accessories It has been proven that reflectors reduce the risk of being hit by a car by half. Check out the IF x WEEKDAY collection HERE

My favorite pick from the IF x WEEKDAY collection is the reflective hat

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