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Since It's Friday I'm giving away one pair of white sneakers by Erik Schedin, handmade in Italy! Thank you all for keeping up with me and I'm gifting more stuff the coming months ;) I do get a lot of products from different brands, which helps me understand the quality differences between i.e a lower price shoe compared to a more pricy version (handmade in Italy) or the likes. This makes me extremely picky of which products I buy and wan´t to show how you can invest in quality products and own less, but the things you actually would wear everyday. This is also why my Instagram is filled with a lot of outfits including the same products! I sometimes feel I´m not experimenting enough and showing versatility, but this is my approach to slow fashion and what I´m comfortable in. Back to getting a lot of products. I have more than I need and wan´t to share these things with YOU, all of you who have been following me for a long time or recently started. You are why I can do this thing and cut down on my day to day job. You guys deserve to have a piece of all this and why I will start gifting much more stuff back to you from now on! Starting of today, I´ll give these lovely shoes by Erik Schedin. These are handmade in Italy and Erik Schedin collaborated with Comme des Garcons Shirt numerous times, making a special version of these classic sneakers he designed in 2008. You might seen these in the Dover Street Market shops! Go to my Instagram to have a chance of winning a pair: CLICK HERE

To enter:

1. Follow both @fredrikrisvik and @erikschedin and like this photo

2. Tag all your friends who love handmade Italian sneakers in the comments below (3 minimum)

Size: EU42

Winner: Announced Monday 14th November at 11.30 pm via Instagram DM.

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