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I´ve had my bike collecting dust in my room for the last year, and as the sun was out (well, on and off rain every 30min, haha) I thought it would be a great opportunity to get my bike ready for use. It was the first day I could wear a lightweight jacket without freezing my ass off :D I got a delivery of some new pieces from the NEED collection. Chinos in a perfect slim cut and basic oxfords shirts, basically what I wear every day and i did not have to alter the chinos, as I usually do. So I was pretty happy! I just rolled them up a bit, put on a pair of old white Common Projects and was ready to go. I met my friend for a lunch and then tried to get some images. With that said, I put my camera on whatever I could find and remote shot every photo from my phone. As I don´t have anyone to shoot for me, I do everything myself, and maybe it´s time to invest in a tripod. Seeing the cherry blossom in full effect was so beautiful, and I can´t wait to spend more time outdoor as the weather is turning for the better, hopefully ;) My outfit: - Chinos by NEED (HERE) - Oxford Shirt by NEED (HERE) - Sneakers by Common Projects (HERE) - Jacket by Odin (HERE)

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