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I went to London last week for a shoot with Ted Baker. All images where shot by Garcon Jon. London is always a pleasure getting back to and meeting up with my friend Oliver Hooson who also attended the shoot made it even more fun. We met up for a nice lunch before walking towards the Ted Baker store to pick out our outfits to shoot. I went for an all navy look which I always feel comfortable in, so a safe choice where the materials and textures made the outfit more interesting. Actually when picking out the outfit, I was almost in the same look as Oliver and had to change my olive drawstring trousers for some navy ones. The thing was that we where gonna shoot together, so one thing was switching the jacket back and forth as we had the same one, we also the same bag, so the trousers made some difference in the total look. See the images under :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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