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The first day will always be the one where you try to get to know the area you live in. Well in Amsterdam this was not to easy, haha. With the canals and small streets which in my eyes looked just the same, well, equally beautiful to be correct ;) Luckily we had some tips marked on google maps, thanks a lot for technology. We started the day with coffee at Lot Sixty One (I´ll do a food, shops, café post later with all tips) and then wandered around like tourists trying to get the most of this city. It was cloudy and on of rain/sun, but we where still super happy to be here and stopped by some shops and had several lunches. Just so much good stuff to eat here. Amsterdam is quite big, especially if you are to walk to everything, so this day we learned that the hard way. Tired in our legs, we got back to our hotel The Hoxton and ordered room service and watched a movie. Perfect way to end the evening as The Hoxton hotel makes you want to stay inn all day!

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