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Staying at Hoxton hotel was a pleasure. And one thing I really appreciate at a nice hotel, is when they got good food in the hotel restaurant which is not always the case. Hoxton got both the food and bar on lock. Very often when on a trip we/I end up tired when the evening comes and don´t want to go out again. Having the option to lounge in the bar for some refreshment or to order roomservice is a great way to relax and save up energy for the coming day. We started the day with breakfast at Lotti´s which is the hotel restaurant. After a good and long breakfast we went for a walk to grab some coffee at Toki. This cafe was recommended by everyone we got tips from, so we had to go here. The area around this cafe was really nice with the offering of great stores like Comme des Garcons Pocket, Magriet Nannings (Margiela, Marni, A.P.C) and more. I bought myself a short sleeved Marni flower print shirt, which luckily where at 40% off, because these are expensive. After hanging in this area for some time we went for lunch at Mr. Porter, a restaurant located at the top floor of W hotel. An amazing space with a lounge vibe to it. They had a DJ playing live while getting served the best meat in town. Highly recommended! When walking back to the hotel, we stopped by a grocery store to buy lots of candy and some beers for an evening with a movie in bed. A perfect way to end the day, haha. One cafe we accidentally stumbled upon where Pluk, a lovely space with cakes to die for and good coffee. The cozy bench outside was perfect for people watching and spending the last hours before heading back home. We will definitely come back to Amsterdam. This is a city where 3 days is not enough.

We started each morning with coffee in the room to get that extra boost, along with these cute breakfast bags they put outside your door at a time of your preference. We are both picky about our coffee, but the one they served in the room was surprisingly good!

Breakfast is my favorite meal, and Hoxton restaurant Lotti´s made it a perfect start! The avocado, chilli and coriander toast topped with poached eggs and tomatoes was amazing.

Toki was the one place which we got recommended by several friends, and we where not disappointed. Good coffee, cakes and beautiful space.

Sarah was blending in to the scenery with the printed flower skirt in green and black sweater. She likes Common Projects too, and let´s see who can keep our new pair clean for the longest period of time, haha.

Pluk was a lovely place we just stumbled upon just around the corner from our hotel. The white cat was wandering around in there minding it´s own business.

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