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Sarah and I recently took a trip to Milano, which now have become one of our favorite cities. The food, cafés, weather and architecture along with the relaxed vibe makes this a city hard not to love. Off course the shopping scene is great down here, but we where all about the food. The city is really easy to get around in and it feel very small. Walking distance to everything and lots of green spaces, just what so many other "Bigger" cities lack. We stayed at Starhotels E.c.ho. Milano. We had such a pleasant stay here the last time, and it´s just a 3min walk from the central station. The day before we left for Milano, I had just gotten the stitches out of my foot, and had a hard time walking. Not the best start, and it tore open again as we left for the airport. It was just the worst, but got to patch it up at a pharmacy and just took it easy the rest of the trip. Which was not bad at all, we started of with sushi at a lovely spot in Brera called Temakinho. Saving up some energy to check out the Brera area and some shops like the newly opened Acne Studios store. This had one big room with lots of windows and designed to look like it´s outdoor surroundings. The next day we started of with coffee at the spot which we would get back to every single day, Orsonero coffee. A small and cosy space with some of the best coffee we´ve had (top 5 all time!!). This place you can´t miss if in Milano! As I said earlier, we walked to everything and headed in to Bulgari hotel for lunch. It was Sarah´s birthday and we had the most relaxing and fun day. Bulgaria hotel is worth a visit, as it´s tucked away with a nice garden and it´s so nice and quiet. The food, wine, service is spot on. Even tho it´s to expensive to live at this hotel it´s worth a visit to zone out and enjoy the laid back atmosphere. Off course I wen´t to the lobby to fill up some bags with candy, haha ;) Later this evening we had Nobu booked for her birthday dinner. This restaurant is my top pick if I´d give one place everyone should go to. The food was a dream and really nothing to set it off. This day in general was all about eating good and not stressing as some days can be when on holiday. The coming days we spent most of the time in the Brera area and stopped by some stores and got lots of gelato ;) Just soaking in the city and enjoying the nice weather (which we did not get to much of in Norway). We ended the last day in Milano at a trattoria called Un Posto A Milano, which is an indoor/outdoor restaurant with the most cozy backyard. Great food and wine in true Italian style. See the images under along with some tips on where to go in Milano. RESTAURANTS - Temakinho (Sushi) - La Fabbrica (Pizza) - Nobu (Asian fushion) - Bulgari Hotel (Amazing food and garden) - Un Posto A Milano (Great food and a lovely outdoor space) COFFEE - Orsonero Coffee (The only spot you´ll need) - Pavé STORES - Maison Margiela - 1o Corso Como - Eral 55 - Acne Studios - Aesop - Excelsior - Slam Jam

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