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This trip to Scotland with Paul Smith was to learn more about how the amazing Lovat Mill influenced the autumn/winter '17 Paul Smith collection. Two textile designers transformed a fading business into a success story of British craftsmanship where tradition and innovation coexist.

As soon I was on my way to the hotel (more like a castle!!), the nature of Scotland in pre-fall mode soaked in and the air felt so clean. I checked in and met everyone for a glass before it was time for dinner with Stephen and Alan (Lovat Mill owners). Lot´s of food, stories and laughs later it was time to get a good night sleep and get ready for a fun day at Lovat Mill.

Grant showing a Paul Smith suit made of fabric from Lovat Mill. This Lovat fabric used in this seasons Paul Smith collection was popular around 1910, Stephen explains, and was selected for its dry handle - “like the surface of a walnut” - and its distinctive drape. These unique characteristics are created by a complex construction process. The thread is made from three individual yarns. To do this two yarns are first twisted tightly together to create one single thread. Then a third yarn is twisted in the opposite direction around the original two, to create a criss-cross structure.

Seeing how long the process of getting to the finished fabric, was a work of art. Afterwards the women specialists would inspect the finished fabric at a micro level for any fault in the pattern. If found, they hand stitch the whole length of the fabric to perfection!

Stephen Rendle (left) and Alan Cumming (right) talking fabrics and history. They have worked with the most prestigious brands in the world and keep challenging the preconceptions about what tweed could be.

My kind of book ;) The total experience was great. Thanks to the lovely staff of Lovat and the ever fun guys Alan and Stephen who where so interesting talking with!

Thanks a lot to everyone for making this trip unforgettable and to Paul Smith and Lovat Mill for having me! Some of the text in this post is borrowed from the full article over at Paul Smith. To read more about our visit to Scotland and the Lovat Mill, check out the video and full story over at Paul Smith. - See more here: Paul Smith Visit Lovat Mill

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