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Going in to the season of colder days and less light, a warm jacket is your best friend. My first option is usually a woolen coat and while the coat might not be warm enough for the coldest winter days, unless you layer up with cashmere sweaters along with a scarf to cover up your neck. Still not a bad thing, but as an addition to the coat a puffer jacket might be your savier. The more sporty look of the puffer jacket while having the option to wear lighter clothing underneath is great for casual days and running errands. I quite like the sporty mix of these jackets with formal flat front trousers to have the comfort level on top while still looking presentable. These are my favorites from Farfetch. See more here

Moncler makes incredible jackets and this one is especially interesting with the different choices of fabrics. Clean while adding some texture to an outfit.

This one by Marni would work well as a layering piece. Use this under a shell coat for the biting cold days or by its own on the daily.

The color is just amazing and makes it look even more sporty. A nice contrast to the regular use of navy, black and grey.

The cleanest piece out of them by Prada. It works well with more formal attire while maintaining the "on the go" sporty look.

Visvim is one of my favorite brands. So a down filled kimono would be a great layering piece. Wear this under a navy coat and you'll have an interesting piece you still could wear inside the café for the daily dose of coffee.

This boxy duffelcoat inspired jacket by Comme des Garcons looks clean while ticking the boxes for a stand out piece. Its also navy, so I'm sold.

Our Legacy have been one of my favorite brand for quite some time, so finding good pieces that suit my style is not difficult. The non hooded version makes it look better pairing with a scarf. All images from Farfetch

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