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Working mostly from home and don't having a set workspace, I tend to switch in between the living room, kitchen and our work desk (when its´s not a secondary closet/makeup spot). Music is something I put on to calm down and get into work modus. The portable ZIPP speakers by Libratone have been on tour through every corner of our house to suit it´s purpose, Delivering great sound while looking good enough to not stow away after use. Something I find important in a product and shows the design thoughts going into these speakers. I dont have a main spot I sit and listen to music at. Having the possibility to let the music flow from the morning shower trough breakfast, and later on when working or having friends over for a glass of wine. The sound of the Libratone speaker moves effortless with you trough your day. The changeable cover makes it even more interesting. I recently changed for the grey wool cover and got a brown wool version I cannot wait to put on. This might not be make or brake for buying a speaker where sounds plays a more important role, but surely makes it more fun! This speaker comes with smart solutions like wifi connection, having the option of linking up several speakers to play your favorite music in different rooms. It also comes with the more common bluetooth for picnic in the park or like we did, used it as the music system in our car driving to the cabin (we have a lousy system in our car).

More importantly it just looks really good wherever we put it and plays 360 degres, meaning it does not have to face you a certain position. Writing this post I listened to Nosaj Thing - Aquarium Little Dragon - Constant Surprises Bonobo - Ten Tigers (Bengal Edit)

At the well curated Libratone shop at Copenhagen airport. Located just by the SAS lounge.

Sit down and relax in between flights and test out their noice cancellation headphones our check out their nice speakers.

See more at their website LIBRATONE

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