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OBJECTS is a new ongoing series where I´ll shine some light on the objects I use on a daily basis. May it be glassware, ceramics, jewelry, perfumes, magazines, furniture and the likes. OBJECTS - PART ONE This soaps, hand creme and toothpaste may be used more than anything I own. Located in my own bathroom, you get the deal. Constant use! I love the scent of the Aesop "Resurrection Aromatique" hand wash, and have been buying this on repeat for many years. The small things in life, like appreciating the scented soap when washing your hands, even if its only for 20 seconds after a visit to the toilet. The Byredo "Vetyver" hand creme is a nice addition when your hands screaming for moisture. Although I usually carry one with me at all time, this is great for daily use at home and before going to bed. It also lasts a loooong time! This is quite new for me, but an instant favorite! The Aesop toothpaste. What I really enjoy about this, is that its not creating the foam feel in your mouth, as you get from most toothpastes. Its free from Fluoride which in my opinion is a good thing, and the result is a clean fresh feeling with a distinct taste of cardamon. This one will get repeated buys and I´ll get one for my travel kit as well.

Get the OBJECTS 1. Aesop "Resurrection Aromatique" hand wash 2. Byredo "Vetyver" hand creme

3. Aesop toothpaste

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