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Paired with sneakers I feel much more comfortable in a suit. Especially when worn more casual as I will show you in this post. This suit by Paul Smith goes by the name "A suit to travel in" and with good reason, it´s crafted in Italy using a high-twist 100% worsted wool yarn to create a quick recovery, crease-resistant cloth. The suit will stay sharp after a day of running around, catching a flight, café breaks or long meetings. Whatever your day brings you, this suit is made to meet those challenges with you. For this look I chose to go all navy, and adding a cashmere sweater along with white sneakers to dress the suit down. This is an ideal outfit for transitioning seasons when the blazer functions as a jacket and completing the outfit, while still looking the part without. I don't wear shirt and tie with a suit, unless its whats required. As comfort is my main priority when choosing what to wear, this outfit does that job for me. Mix this look up by changing the navy cashmere sweater for a grey one or add a roll neck instead. Even a lightweight cashmere hoody would go along for a more sporty yet dressed version of this look. The comfort and easy movement makes it the perfect suit to dress up and down depending on the occasion This day in Copenhagen was spent at different cafés, walking the old streets and some sightseeing while looking for locations to shoot. The suit served for great layering, while adding a coat to stay warm enough trough the rain and cold winds that would end this nice day.

GET THE LOOK HERE - Paul Smith "Levon" Sneakers in White (Click Here) - Paul Smith "Soho" Suit in Navy (Click Here) - Paul Smith "Cashmere" Sweater in Navy (Click Here) Find more at This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Paul Smith! All words and expressions in this post are mine. All photos taken by Illa Bonany.

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