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For the last couple of months I've tried and used some different watch models from Kronaby. These are hybrid watches, meaning they offer next level technology while still looking the part. Definitely something new to me, but felt like a child with a new toy the first day I tried it. Its not often I feel the need for these tech features, but as these watches don't come with a digital display, all the features are tastefully hidden and actually useful.

Through their app, you can set your personal notifications and settings for what your watch can do.

If you saw my IG stories from Stockholm, you could see how I used my watch to save locations by the push of a button. This resulting in me creating favorite spots all over Stockholm. Restaurants, shops, cafes etc. All saved in the Kronaby app and shows the locations in maps. If you're in a hurry and see a store you'd like to visit later on, just push the button on your watch and it saves the location, perfect when in a new city and you don´t know your way around! I´ve also used the find my phone feature. One push of a button and your phone will start ringing to your preferred sound. Usually the phone is found at the bottom of my tote bag, haha. The discrete filtered notifications is my favorite feature on this watch and you can set your personal notifications through the app.

Its perfect when in a meeting and you want to get notified if an important call/message comes in, without the need of your phone in front of you. The watch vibrates and the hands goes to 1, 2 or 3 depending on what you set it to, showing which call/message is important or not. Its even better when around friends and you don't want to have your face planted in the screen of your phone, making it easier to be in the moment and look up, its a beautiful world we live in! Check out the video with Kronaby x Matias Varela. Connected. Not distracted. LINK HERE

Check out the Kronaby watches HERE

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