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With the items from the look presented in this post, I wanted to show how Investing in timeless quality pieces, you'll eventually build up a wardrobe that will last you for years to come.

This Acne Studios coat is now 4 years old and one of the coats I´ve used the most.

Not only does it come in a nice quality fabric (wool/cashmere blend) but it also got a cut I still have not found from any other brands, making this coat hard to beat.

A good beanie like this one (100% cashmere) is definitely a good investment, and living in colder parts of the world. It gets lots of use while being as comfortable as can be. I won't go in to details on everything here, but you get the deal!

There are so many pieces that can be found for cheaper (which is not necessary to say its of a lesser quality) but take your time when buying new stuff.

Dont buy because of the brand, but find the brand who do each product the best.

The brand who do your favorite trousers might not make good coats or knitwear etc.

- Sneakers (Common Projects - Achilles low) GET HERE - Trousers (COS - Unknown model) - Knitwear (Marni - Unknown model) - Socks (Falke - Lhasa cashmere blend) - Coat (Acne Studios - Charles coat) Alternative colors GET HERE and GET HERE - Scarf (Acne Studios - Canada) GET HERE - Beanie (Berg & Berg - Cashmere beanie) All photos shot by: Marian Strand

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