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My Invisalign treatment

Advert/ Many of you might have already seen on my Instagram, that I started my Invisalign treatment some time ago.

I have had really crooked front teeth, and I mean REALLY crooked. Its something that made me more and more insecure when smiling, especially after seing how I would look in photos. I have never had any treatment previously to fix my teeth and now having the opportunity to fix them with these "more or less" invisible aligners by Invisalign, this was the perfect chance to finally do something to improve my smile.

With this post I wanted to point out how easy it is to continue your daily routines with aligners by Invisalign. The aligners are a perfect mold of your teeth and you switch them out every week, with the next set of aligners being one step closer to your end goal. So each new set of aligners will have an improved positioning of your teeth.

They are super easy to take on/off and you can enjoy your coffee, snacks, meals etc during the day as usual.

What I always carry with me, and always have done even before I started my Invisalign treatment, is a toothbrush and toothpaste. Just to make sure my last coffee/snack is not left in my smile, and you feel more fresh continuing your day.

The aligner can be put in a discreet box while not in use, and I just wash them under cold water before each use.

Another tip is to always have a bottle of water with you, besides being good for you it also makes it easier to flush you mouth and aligners if on the move when having a snack or the likes.

After using my aligners for some time now, its become part of my day/night and I hardly notice they are there. I must say it took a couple of weeks (2-3) before I got used to them, but now I am so happy to see the result from using them and the comments from loved ones on the improvements in my smile.

Invisalign suggest that you use them for 22 hours during each day/night for the best result, and to be honest I am closer to 19 hours each day myself.

If you are considering have you teeth fixed, I can personally recommend using Invisalign aligners as they are so discreet in use. Now looking at the photos when I’m smiling, I get my confidence up when seeing how «invisible» they are and looking forward to finish up my treatment to reach my end goal.

This is a sponsored post, but all words and opinions are my own.

#AD #SmileSquad #InvisalignAmbassador

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