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My Invisalign treatment part 2

Advert/ I wanted to update you on my journey with Invisalign aligners. I don't know how many sets of aligners I have had so far, but my specialist won't give up before my teeth are at the result he planned. Which have been super motivating and keeps pushing me towards the end result I have been longing for.

I keep going back to my specialist every now and then for regular check ups on how things are going and how well my progress is with the positioning of my teeth. They do a 3D scan of all my teeth, and from that scan they can see if they have moved toward the goal for that set time. In my case, my front teeth have been my most crooked ones and to make enough space for them to move to the position of the end goal, some fixing was done to make enough room. Small things like these is what we do in these check ups and they also do a 3D scan of my teeth to order any new sets of aligners to push towards the end goal.

The aligners mould perfectly to your teeth and I have no problem using them for all of the day/night. I hardly ever think of them being being there anymore, and I have kept good routines with how I take them out for snacks, coffee breaks, having lunch etc. The aligners can be put in a discreet box while not in use, and I just wash them under cold water before each use.

I always carry with me a toothbrush and the likes to brush my teeth after each meal, making me feel more fresh putting my aligners back into use. If I'm on the go and don't have a bathroom to brush my teeth, I always have a bottle of water with me for a quick flush. No more leftover lunch left in your teeth which no one wants anyway.

I wanted to show some before/after results of my progress so far, so I made two videos to show both my upper front teeth and my bottom front teeth. Check them out at the bottom of this post to see how much they have moved. I am super happy with my result so far and it makes it so much more fun to continue on toward my end goal. Now I cannot believe my teeth used to be as crooked as they were, and I no longer feel insecure when smiling.

Having the opportunity to fix my teeth with Invisalign aligners which are barely noticeable, has been nothing but joy all from the start and to finally do something to improve my smile.

This is a sponsored post, but all words and opinions are my own.

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