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My Invisalign treatment part 3

Advert/ As my journey with Invisalign aligners is coming to an end, I only got more reasons to smile.

My teeth now looks like something I could only dream about, and I am so happy I started this journey.

This treatment gave me confidence to start smiling more in photos. And trust me, this was not the case before. I wanted to find a good photo of me before the start of my treatment, to better show how my teeth looked like. I went back 4-5 years and could not find a single one where I was smiling with my teeth showing. I guess this i proof enough that this treatment was long over due.

Now I can finally be happy with my smile and not obsess over how crooked my teeth are looking.

The result have been everything I imagined and my girl could not believe the before and after photos/videos I showed her from the 3d scan of my teeth.

Getting compliments from loved ones are confidence boosters for sure and I could not be happier myself.

Everyone has a different plan for how many sets of Invisalign aligners are needed to reach the smile they want. Mine was a long one, but I never gave up when seeing simulations on how good my result would look like.

And while I haven't counted the amount of aligners I have used on my journey, I rather just look at the result I have achieved and how much this have helped me personally.

As I am not a teenager, metal braces was never an option as I did not want to draw more attention to my teeth. Invisalign aligners were the perfect option as they are clear and people hardly notice I'm wearing them. They are super easy to take on/off, and I feel I can maintain my dental hygiene much better with these. These fit my lifestyle perfectly and I highly recommend these to anyone who consider having their teeth fixed.

Now I wanted to end this with some before and after shots along with photos from my journey, to show the great results I am so happy about. Hopefully this can also be helpful for those looking into having a treatment themself.

On the left you can see my first 3d scan of my teeth, and on the right you can see how they are now. Such a huge difference and which you can see even better in the videos at the bottom of this post.

Here you can see the before and after 3d scan from my last appointment with my specialist. The result that gets my confidence boosting!

This is the simulation I did on my first visit at my specialist before I got started with my treatment. A good look from the 3d scan of how my teeth looked like before I started.

This is a sponsored post, but all words and opinions are my own.

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